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A Big, Warm Welcome to Pressbooks’ Newest team members: Carlos, Ho Man, and Başak

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It’s time for us to lift the curtain on some major changes here at Pressbooks! 

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last month doing some much-needed maintenance across the platform, including theme improvements and changes to the user experience for institutions using single-sign on technology. These past weeks also included important work on accessibility updates for both readers and creators, thanks to help from the University of Washington. 

Our staff have also been flying around the world to meet and talk with you at conferences like EDUCAUSE, OpenEd and OERizona. If you weren’t able to make it in person, you can view our presentation slides here: 

(I also encourage you to enjoy this 1 min clip of Pressbooks Client Manager Steel Wagstaff trying to explain to a Phoenix, AZ cab driver why he was dressed as the 5R’s Retain for Halloween.) 

Most important, however, we’ve been recruiting and welcoming three new members to our team! We’re very excited to introduce to you Başak Büyükçelen, Carlos Andrés Gutiérrez, and Ho Man Chan. 


Formerly a member of our sister company, the Rebus Foundation, Başak has recently moved over to the Pressbooks team to act as our Chief of Operations. Başak joins us in our Montreal office. She is also the founder of Supper Society, an organization based in Montreal created to help immigrants acclimate and integrate into Canadian society, and the co-founder of Code Forward, an organization with a goal to help non-profit organizations in the tech industry match with needed volunteers. 

Basak headshot


Carlos is a full-stack developer who will work remotely with the Pressbooks team. He specializes in content management systems, content distribution platforms, and APIs. Carlos hopes to someday have the chance to go ice fishing, and spends his time reading on the terrace on sunny days. 

Carlos Andrés Gutiérrez headshot

Ho Man

Ho Man is joining Pressbooks in our Montreal office as a full-stack developer. In his free time, he likes to create copycat recipes of dishes from restaurants. A graduate of computer engineering from Concordia University, Ho Man has in the past specialized in biomedical programming. 

Ho Man Chan headshot

We’re very excited to have these three joining us, and we already have big plans for our newly expanded team. You can read more about Carlos, Ho Man, and Başak on our team’s About page. Keep watching this space for updates on our next big projects.