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Pressbooks books always look good, in print and on all ebook platforms.

Are you ready to make your own book? Pressbooks allows you to produce the files you need to publish in ebookstores and print-on-demand.

The best part? You don’t have to hire a designer or ebook developer. You can do it yourself. And you’ll still get a book that looks like it came from a professional publishing house. Every time.

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Publish everywhere

Pressbooks generates print-ready files for print-on-demand venues like CreateSpace and IngramSpark, and ebook files for sale on Amazon, iTunes, Nook and Kobo.

No coding or design required

Pressbooks takes care of the graphic design and coding for you. No need to write markup or have a designer’s eye. Just choose your favourite book theme.

Keep 100% of net sales

Pressbooks won’t take any of your book revenues. You keep 100% of royalties and net sales. We take care of the files and you take care of the distribution.

Professionally designed print and ebooks

Pressbooks has beautifully designed print and ebook templates, with choices for every genre. Try them all!

Easy book revisions

The Pressbooks interface makes it simple for you to collaborate with co-authors and editors. You can also make an unlimited number of revisions.

Free promotional material

Get the word out about your book. Pressbooks lets you send sample chapters to share with your social network and book reviewers—at no extra charge.

Why authors love Pressbooks

Inglath Cooper

Inglath Cooper

What I’ve loved about Pressbooks is the ability that it gives me to edit constantly, and anytime something comes up that I want to change in a book that’s already out, it’s just incredibly easy to make a change to the file and re-upload it.

Truth and RosesRock HerCrossing Tinker's Knob
Emily Craven

Emily Craven

Pressbooks is versatile and easy to use. I wouldn’t teach my students to create their books with any other tool.

Adventures in FashionMadeleine Cain
Jefferson Flanders

Jefferson Flanders

Pressbooks lets independent authors and publishers create attractive and elegant books that are ready to publish in multiple formats. There’s a choice of numerous professional designs, and it’s flexible, easy-to-use, and affordable.

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