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Featured User: Best-selling Author Inglath Cooper

Best-selling romance-fiction novelist Inglath Cooper has 19 books to her credit, including 11 books that were published traditionally through Harlequin. In the past year, the RITA-award-winning author has used the Pressbooks platform to release eight of her books independently on Amazon. Today, Cooper’s popular Nashville series is tearing up the charts, with book one ranked

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Create interior PDFs for Print on Demand

Australian self-publishing guru Emily Craven, of E-Book Revolution, has made a wonderful video that explains how she used Pressbooks to produce the PDFs she needed to get her book into a Print-on-Demand service, meaning that her books are not just available as ebooks, but as paper books too. Here is a video she produced, walking

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Advice on Book Publishing from Indie Author Ashley Fontainne

By Ashley Fontainne Ready to Ride? Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? How many times did you fall down, scratch your knees, elbows, or even nose? What about the first time you navigated across a street or passed by that one neighbor’s house with the big, snarling dog who decided you looked

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Get Into Ebook Stores with BookBaby

One question we get a lot at PressBooks is: “can you help me get my book into the Kindle store, iBooks and other stores?” It’s relatively easy to do this yourself, but even easier to get someone else to do it for you. Enter our new partnership with BookBaby. BookBaby will get your books into

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Askmen’s Emma McKay on Ebook Analytics

Askmen, the online magazine for men, uses the PressBooks Publisher Platform as the production and management tool for their ebook publishing program. I sat down with Emma McKay, managing editor at Askmen and the force behind their foray into ebooks, to talk about what happens when an analytics-driven web publisher enters the ebook space. The

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Why Your Book Might Not Sell Well (in the Kindle Store)

I just had an exchange with a PressBooks user, who wondered why their book is not selling well in the Kindle store, which, I imagine, is a common question for authors. I answered: imagine that your book is in a bookstore imagine that bookstore makes it very easy for readers to find a book if

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