Learn how to do common tasks in Pressbooks, and how to use Pressbooks as a tool to advance your publishing efforts.

Building Your Book: Editing Text and Code

Now live: The latest installment in our Pressbooks User Guide, on how to use Pressbooks’ visual and text editors to produce your book. The chapter explains the difference between Pressbooks’ two modes of editing, when you might want to use each for different scenarios and how to get the most out of the book formatting menu options.

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Add a User to Your Book: New Tutorial Video

As you’re writing, you may want to add an editor or a co-author into your book. The latest in our series of tutorial videos explains how do that.

New tutorial: how to use Pressbooks’ visual editor

Pressbooks’ visual editor inserts code to format your ebook so that you don’t have to do that manually. Here’s a quick video that will show you how to get the most out of its features.

Pressbooks training, tutorials and tips

Pressbookers, From group trainings to video tutorials and editing tips, this month, we’re making it even easier for you to publish your book. Deal! 25% off PDF+Ebook Pro upgrades Tutorial video: import Word files Introducing Liz! New marketing manager Interview: How to find your editor Group Pressbooks training available Upgrade now! Prices going up for

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Writing Tips for When Creativity Is Work

The biggest secret of writing (and almost all creative pursuits) is that creativity work is just that: work. Sure, every once in awhile, you’ll reach a blissful state in which creativity just flows magically into something cogent on the page. That’s a feeling you want to replicate, but most of the time, you can’t expect

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Academic publishing resources

Hello Writers and Publishers, This month, the Pressbooks tool gets even better for academic publishing, plus we offer a 30% off special on POD exports. 30% off PDF pro upgrades Creative Commons licensing Bug fixes: ebook paragraph settings Multi-level TOCs User profile: Fortress Press Featured partner: Screwpulp Are you a teacher? We’d like to talk.

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Writing Tips for Creativity: Working With the Flow

By Lilliana Rose For years, I pushed myself forward with my writing, found myself getting burnt out, then writing anyway. Putting in long hours writing would get the story out on the page, help me meet deadlines and build my ‘published list.’ But the approach was also leaving me exhausted. Then I realized it wasn’t just

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Export and Distribution

Not sure how to get your book out of Pressbooks and into bookstores? We’ve just added some chapters to the Pressbooks User Guide that may help. Learn how to finalize your book’s layout and remove promotional watermarks. Three chapters on exporting — Export, Ebook Exports and PDF Exports — will help you convert your book into various file formats for publication. And

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Formatting Poetry and Paragraphs for Your Book

We’ve just posted a new chapter to our Guide that describes how paragraph indenting and non-indenting works in Pressbooks, and gives some recommendations about how to handle poetry in the system. You can find the new info here: Pressbooks Guide: Paragraphs, Indents, No-indents, and Poetry.      

PressBooks Demo Video

We’ve got a new design for the PressBooks front-page on the way. Part of the redesign involved making a nice promo video…Here’s a “preview”: Let me know what you think!