Learn how to do common tasks in Pressbooks, and how to use Pressbooks as a tool to advance your publishing efforts.

Free Book: The Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing

At Pressbooks, our mission is to make it easy for you to self-publish. It’s why we built the platform in the first place! That’s why we’re releasing a free book that will guide you through the self-publishing process from start to finish (including the parts that don’t involve us!). The book will show you how to self-publish in

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3 Ways to Make Your Book More Beautiful

Don’t let your book file look amateur! When you’re creating your book in Pressbooks, there are three things to know that will help you make your book formatting look perfect. We’ve created a short, 1:30 video to demystifying the secrets to optimal book design using Pressbooks. P.S. If you need help using Pressbooks for the first time,

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Indies Unlimited Explains How to Use Pressbooks

This week, Indies Unlimited featured Pressbooks as a book formattting resource for indie authors. The post provides a four-step illustrated guide on how to format your book in Pressbooks. It also explains how Pressbooks cuts out the pain of preparing your book for CreateSpace and other print book markets, builds your table of contents for you and lets

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Pressbooks Support: New User Guide Chapters

We’ve released several new chapters in the Pressbooks user guide. The chapter openings article explains how to control whether your book chapters begin on the left or right side in the print version of your books. Pressbooks lets you create a catalog page that will showcase all the books you have created or are in process of

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Pressbooks Help: How to Rearrange Chapters and Parts

Pressbooks is as useful for organizing and structuring your manuscript as it is for writing your book. You can easily rearrange book chapters in Pressbooks simply by dragging and dropping. You can reorder parts by changing their order number. Take a minute to learn how in our latest tutorial video.

How to Revert to a Previous Draft

Oops, how to I go back? I’m sure you’ve wondered how to revive a previous draft of your book at some point or another when writing your manuscript. The great news is, Pressbooks saves each a copy of your revision each time you click update when writing a chapter. And you can go back to these revised versions

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New Tutorial: Intro to Adding and Editing Images

In this week’s addition to our video series, we present a brief introduction to the basics of adding and editing images to your book in Pressbooks. Sample image photo credit: Luke,Ma via photopin cc

Organizing Your Writing With Parts and Chapters

Our Pressbooks tutorial library has expanded again, this time with a new video on using the parts and chapters features to help structure your book. Check it out at this link or below.    

New Tutorial: Inserting Metadata Into Your Book

If you’re not sure where to insert your book metadata, our newest tutorial will help. Including metadata in your book file and in the bookstores is a crucial step to connecting your book with interested readers and elevating your book’s discoverability. Watch the video to learn how and where to insert your book metadata using

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This Month at Pressbooks: Deals, Helps and Inspiration

Trapped in a Polar Vortex? Look on the bright side. More time to write! And, of course, prepare to publish. Ideally with Pressbooks! Here’s what we’ve got for you this month: Deal! 30% off PDF Exports New Pricing for Ebook Exports Pressbooks Help: How to Make a Book Pressbooks Help Videos: New Tutorials User Profile:

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