Learn how to do common tasks in Pressbooks, and how to use Pressbooks as a tool to advance your publishing efforts.

The Pressbooks Guide to Self Publishing: Revised

Wondering How to Self Publish? The Pressbooks Guide to Self Publishing Can Help! We recently updated our free downloadable ebook, The Pressbooks Guide to Self Publishing. The book explains how to take control of your publishing destiny, without spending thousands of dollars on the parts of publishing that you can easily do yourself. In the 2nd edition, you’ll

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How to Create Your Book Covers: New Video Tutorial

Wondering how to use Pressbooks’ new book cover generator feature (beta)? We’ve created a helpful tutorial video that shows you how to create your book covers for ebook and print books step-by-step. You can watch the video on YouTube or below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel–you’ll get notified whenever new tutorials become available.

Create Your Book Cover in Pressbooks

New! DIY Book Covers PDF+EBOOK Pro Books Now Come With Cover Generator Now You Can Create Ebook and Print Book Covers in Pressbooks  Book covers can be complicated to create. If you’re looking for a simple solution, you now have a new option in the Pressbooks cover creator tool (available in all PDF+EBOOK Pro-upgraded books). To

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How to Customize Your Book’s CSS

At, we have more than 50 different book designs to choose from. Still, sometimes our users want to adjust the design of a book theme to make it unique to them or to fine-tune one aspect of a layout to serve the needs of a particular book. Pressbooks supports that! Generally you can customize most elements of your theme in

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How to Change Margins and Font Size

We’ve had an influx of questions lately about how to customize margins and font sizes for books in Pressbooks. The short answer is you can do this in the CSS. But until now, we didn’t have any step-by-step documentation explaining how. By popular demand, we’ve created two new chapters in the Pressbooks User Guide that show you exactly what

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Having a Problem with Pressbooks Custom CSS Fonts? Here’s How to Fix It!

If you are using Pressbooks Custom CSS as your Theme (which allows you to edit the design of your book), you might have noticed that your PDF (and possibly your EPUB) fonts have changed. This is a result of a big change we made in how we generate our CSS files in the backend of

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The 5 Things You Need to Print Your Book

You’ve written your book. Now it’s time to get physical copies into your readers hands. Here’s what you’ll need to print your book. 1. Get a Print-Ready Book Cover Print book covers are different than ebook covers, so if you have an ebook cover, you’re not done yet. Print book covers are not easy to design correctly yourself,

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Video Shows How to Self Publish, From Start to Finish

We’ll Teach You How to Self Publish Did you miss our 5-minute video on how to self publish? Here it is again! Check it out to learn more about self publishing, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Pressbooks YouTube channel. You’ll be the first to know when we post helpful video tutorials.   Want more

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How to Prepare for #NanoWriMo

#NaNoWriMo is back! Are you ready to join a worldwide tribe of creatives and write a novel this November? If so, here’s how to prepare. The first step is to commit: You are going to do this! Now, it’s all about logistics. How will you fit consistent dedication to writing into your already crazed daily routine?

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5 Ways to Use Print Books to Market Yourself as an Author

Creating print versions of your books is easy and affordable now that print-on-demand venues enable you to print in small quantities. You can print a handful of books and use them strategically to market yourself as an author. Here’s how. 1. Use Printed Books as Collateral Printed copies of your book make ideal promotional items. A book has

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