Learn how to do common tasks in Pressbooks, and how to use Pressbooks as a tool to advance your publishing efforts.

Kobo PressBooks Workshop

We are teaming up with our friends at Kobo to run a “let’s get (e)published” workshop for authors, publishers, and anyone else interested in making books in the┬ádigital age. We’re running this first event in Montreal, but we expect to do similar events in Toronto and New York soon enough! We’ll start off with some

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Tools for Testing Your Ebooks

The ugly non-secret of ebooks is that they look different on all different platforms. Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and others. If you want to know what your epubs will look like in the wild, I recommend the following tips and (free!) tools. When we test EPUB outputs at PressBooks, we usually go through the testing

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