Two Lovely Reviews of PressBooks

We recently got two lovely reviews of PressBooks from a couple of different kinds of users:

Moultie Creek Gazette, a blog which focuses on the writing of local and family histories, and which has written about PressBooks before, has a nice run-down of how PressBooks can be used to make local history and family history books. It’s a nice how-to, explaining the process step-by-step. Summary:

PressBooks is a great platform for building a writing co-op where multiple family history writers build their individual book projects and support each other with review and copyediting support. Once the book is finished and published, your PressBooks project site can become a preview site providing links to your book pages at the booksellers where you book is available. [read more at Moultie Creek…]

Writer Shannon Thomas writes another review, with a title that made us happy indeed: Free Service that Makes Authors’ Dreams Come True. Shannon was making a print book to go to Amazon’s Createspace. And here’s what he had to say:

Assuming the paperback format works as well as I expect, I can’t identify any major drawbacks to this service.  At the moment, the available formats are somewhat limited. There are only three basic font/page choices, and not all industry standard paperback dimensions are supported.  However, additional formats are being developed, and the three available formats look great. [read more at HereticScribe…]