This Week: $59 Print+Ebook Exports at Pressbooks

At Pressbooks, we believe you should be able to use Pressbooks’ hassle-free, instant interface to convert your book to all the file formats you need to take control and self-publish in any bookstore you want…without waiting on anyone, without sacrificing the future royalties you deserve, and without adding hundreds or thousands to your book budget. (Yes, we are trying to start a revolution!) The best part is, this week, you can do all this for both your print and ebook files for only $59.

You don’t have to be done with your book to upgrade. You can take advantage of this low price today, and continue to revise and export your book’s files anytime…as many times as you want…forever. Afterall, it’s your book!

What do you get for that $59?

  • Ready-to-publish files in all the formats you need to publish everywhere. Our files work with any distributor, all the ebook stores, plus print-on-demand venues like CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Lulu and others.
  • Freedom to update and revise your book instantly any and every time you feel like it in the future, without waiting or paying.
  • Complete control over your pricing, royalties and distribution.
  • 250 MB of storage (great if you use lots of images).
  • A huge savings of time (make other plans for those weeks you were going to spend fussing with templates!) and money (hundreds, even thousands).

To redeem this limited-time offer: 

  • Send an email to;
  • Include the link (Pressbooks Web address) to the book in Pressbooks that you would like to upgrade;
  • Add the discount code (REVOLUTION) in the subject line.

This promotion runs from now (Feb. 24) through March 1, 2015 at midnight EST, so don’t wait!

All the Best,

Hugh McGuire

twitter: @pressbooks
facebook: pressbooks2


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