Save 50% on Book Upgrades and Show Your Support for Indie Publishing

Support Pressbooks as we simplify independent publishing 

At Pressbooks, we’re a small team with a big mission: to make publishing possible for anyone.

We do this by maintaining and improving the Pressbooks platform, which allows anyone to produce all the files they need to self-publish in ebookstores or print-on-demand, for only $99.

Through Thursday at midnight, our $99 PDF+EBOOK Pro package is even more affordable (only $49 if you use our special discount code TREATYOURSELF).

It’s an unbeatable value at a nominal price. If you upgrade Thursday, you can get:

  • ebook files for Kindle (MOBI)
  • ebook files for all other ebookstores (EPUB)
  • interior files for print-on-demand (PDF)
  • the use of our cover generator (beta) for ebook and print book covers
  • storage for images

Sure, there are alternatives to formatting your book in Pressbooks: You could pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for ebook development and graphic design to get the same caliber of professional, industry-standards-meeting files. Or, spend hours in frustration formatting a file that may not look good across all platforms. (And then do it all again when you want to revise and reissue your book.)

But if you upgrade now (at great savings to you), you can support the company making indie publishing simpler and more affordable for you.

We never tell you where you can publish, and we don’t take any royalties or ownership of your work.

Here’s how to upgrade, and support the company that’s bringing self-publishing within reach for writers everywhere:

  • Click Upgrade in your Pressbooks project dashboard
  • Enter the discount code: TREATYOURSELF 
  • Be sure to click the VERIFY button
  • Make your payment!

(The $49 is a one-time, per-book fee, though you may use the code repeatedly, on multiple books. Once upgraded, you can continue to revise your book as many times as you like at no additional charge.)

If you have questions or run into any difficulty upgrading, email


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