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Here’s what’s new from us at Pressbooks this month.

Avoid These Rookie Self-Pub Marketing Mistakes

Miral Sattar of Bibliocrunch shares 10 must-know tips on how not to market your book. Bibliocrunch will also show you how to double and triple your book reviews.

New! Email Course on Self-Publishing 

Are you new to self-publishing? Our new mini-course covers everything you need to know to publish independently, in just seven daily installments. Sign up!

What Won’t Work in an Ebook, and Why

Ebooks are designed to be reflowable on a number of devices. As such, there are some stylistic elements you can’t control. Here are a few of them.

Get the 101 on EPUB3

Find out what EPUB3 is, whether you need it and if you should re-export your book in this format.

Discontinuing Support for ICML April 12

We are discontinuing support for ICML exports on as of April 12, 2016. Learn more about this change and the reasons behind it.

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