PressBooks in Português, 日本語, Français, Español, 中國(繁體)

PressBooks has gone international! Or at least, we have started to. Our mission is: to make it easy for every writer and every publisher in the universe to make beautiful ebooks, print books, and webbooks  — no matter what language they write in, read in, or speak.

To that end, we’ve enlisted some friends and supporters to help make PressBooks’ user interface, and book outputs more global in nature. We now offer (alpha! needs improvement) PressBooks in the following languages:

  • Português/Portuguese [thanks to Israel Cerfin]
  • 日本語/Japanese [thanks to Daisuke Muro]
  • Français/French [thanks to Macina]
  • Español/Spanish [thanks to Silvia]
  • 中國(繁體)/Chinese (Traditional)  [thanks to Arik]

Here’s how you use PressBooks in different languages (for now … we’ll improve this down the road).


First, to change the PressBooks User Interface to a new language:

1. Login to PressBooks, and Edit Profile

Edit Profile

Edit Profile

2/3. Scroll Down and select your Language, then click on Update Profile

Select Language

Select Language

And Voila!

PressBooks Japanese

PressBooks Japanese

Now if you’d like to modify your EXPORTS as well …

4. Go to “Book Information”

Select Book Information

Select Book Information

5. Finally, choose your Export language. If supported, Exports will modify various text, such as Contents

Select Your Export Language

Select Your Export Language


All of these translation features are FIRST DRAFTS. They all need improvement. Please contact us if you would like to help:



6 thoughts on “PressBooks in Português, 日本語, Français, Español, 中國(繁體)

  1. This is just fantastic! Thank you. Wow. Imagine being able to be read all over the world. A first short story of mine is coming out in April in bookstores in an anthology. But? I won’t see anything for it, or the number of copies that will be sold. I love you PressBooks. You are making it really good for writers like me. I can self-publish via you? And there might be a chance to see a small profit! Dying out here, no kidding! xxoo!

    From my nom de plume to you…

    All the short stories in this book ran at two sites in the web over the last decade. I self-pubbed it via Kindle? What a joke! There has to be a better way and now you have created that, so thank you!

    Valentine Bonnaire

  2. Courtey

    Related question: how can I have the user frontend display in their language of choice? I’ve got WPML, but do I really need to use something that powerful?

    I’ve added a Japanese-language book to my site and selected “Japanese” in the drop-down in the Book Info area, but the frontend that the average reader will see is all in English still. How can we get that displayed in the language of our choice?

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