PressBooks News: New Features, New Press, and Open Source

It has been one busy month at PressBooks worldwide HQ, here’s a quick summary:

1. PressBooks is now open source

The big news: we released the PressBooks plugin as free software. This won’t have any impact on users, but you can read here for more info.

2. New features and improvements

We have a handful of new features/improvements (as well as tons of bug fixes you won’t notice). I’m missing a bunch, but here are some of them:

  • New PDF Options: We’ve added some new page sizes, and the ability to add crop-marks.
  • Word Footnotes: if you are copying Word files with Word-formatted footnotes into PressBooks, there is now a little toolbar button (it looks like a Window!) … that will convert to PressBooks footnote format.
  • EPUB/Mobi Validation: we are validating all outputs now, if you would like to receive validation error notices on your outputs, go to: Settings –> Advanced –> Email me validation reports: “Yes. Send the logs.”
  • Internal Links: should work now, so if you add a link in your book which is “/chapter/chapter-name” … the internal links should be parsed correctly in ebooks, the web, as well as PDF.
  • Chinese users?: contact us if you would like to try out our new experimental “PressBooks in Chinese” feature.

3. In the press, around the web

We got some nice write-ups here and there recently:

4. Here’s a book indie authors should read

PressBooks user Evo Terra just published this, which I read and liked, and you might like it too: “Writing Awesome Sales Copy (A Modern Indie Author’s Guide)
That’s it for now.

Please get in touch if you have questions, kudos, complaints or suggestions.