New Young Adult Theme: Irving

Named for Washington Irving, Pressbooks’ newest book theme is perfect for young adult horror fiction and spooky kids’ stories. The title font is Butcherman, by Typomondo.

Named for Washington Irving, this theme is suited for spooky tales for younger readers. Title font is Butcherman, by Typomondo.

Screenshot of Irving theme

See our Pressbooks Themes page for more free Pressbooks themes.


3 thoughts on “New Young Adult Theme: Irving

  1. Cool new theme. And so I was wondering is this and other themes not including initially with the plugin version of PressBooks available for download somewhere?

    Thanks for the great work regardless – though having at least a few more of these themes with the plugin would be greatly appreciated!

    – Jonathan Wexler

  2. Ok thanks a lot Hugh.

    I will contact PressBooks and/or you personally (I am based in Montreal!) on this in the next while and as well, I have some suggestions/ideas on how PressBooks can also become the solution for technical writers—one idea already and almost a necessity is having to sync blog posts with chapter content using some kind of tagging and/or conditions i.e. single sourcing with PressBooks! :)

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