New in Pressbooks: Better word count, delete book feature, content license display, and language support

While you were on summer break, we made lots of enhancements to Pressbooks functionality. A few highlights:

By popular request, we’ve added a word-count mechanism at the book level. You can now go to the Organize page to see your word count for an entire book or just for the content you’ve marked for export.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our support for languages. Pressbooks now supports the Punjabi Gurmukhi scripts.

Previously, users had to contact the support team to delete a book. Gone are those days! You can now delete a book from your Pressbooks Dashboard. To do so, just hover over the Book Title on the top menu, and you’ll see the “Delete Book” option. Run through the instructions there to confirm your intention to delete. We’ve included a number of steps to make sure you don’t delete your books accidentally!

We’ve also changed how the content licenses display on a book or a chapter of your book to make it more consistent (and less confusing). Custom copyright notices will now be displayed in the webbook footer by default. The default text included on the copyright page in PDF and ebook exports has been updated, but will still be overridden if you select another license from the Book Information page. For additional section-level licenses, you can select a license in the editor, then pick where it displays in export formats: in the Table of Contents, at the end of a chapter, or nowhere! To choose one of these options, go to Appearances → Theme Options → Global Options → Chapter Licenses.

Let us know what you think, or if you run into any difficulties, as you give these new features a whirl.