New! Book Printing from Pressbooks

Being a Pressbooks user just got even better.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our book-printing program, as well as other improvements to make self-publishing even simpler than it already is when you use Pressbooks.

We’ll Print Your Book!

It’s taken awhile to get off the ground, but our new book printing beta is now open for real. If you’ve got 1) a complete book and PDF export from Pressbooks in one of our supported trim sizes and 2) a ready-for-print book cover (if you’re not sure, read this info on book covers), then we can help get your book printed and sent to your door. For more information, please visit our Printing FAQs or email

Better Bottom Balancing, Orphans and Widows 

We’ve made some improvements to the Pressbooks back end this month. Now, you can have better control of bottom balancing, orphans and widows while designing your PDF book in Pressbooks. Check out our newest User Guide chapter for instructions on how to manage these typographical conventions.

Improved Language Features

We have updated the way we handle languages … so language support should be more extensive, including in the webbook interface. Those using the Pressbooks plugin will be able to set a default language for the whole Pressbooks instance. Setting language in the Book Info page should set the webbook language as well. In your user profile, you can set the language for the Pressbooks interface.

Need Translation Volunteers

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our translations are done by volunteers, and they need some updating. If you would like to add support for your language, or to improve the translations on one of our existing supported languages, please visit our translation platform at

Let Us Share Your Publishing Successes

Did you publish the book you produced in Pressbooks in the Kindle or other ebookstores or print-on-demand? We’d love to call some attention to your creative work. Send us the link to your book (hit us up on Twitter @Pressbooks) and we may just send a shoutout. Also, email us if you’d like to contribute writing tips to our blog from time to time.

Writing Tips and Tools to Make You More Productive

Pressbooks user Travis John has written the book–literally–on how to be productive as a writer. Here are a few resources he recommends to improve your writing flow. Want more? You can read more of John’s book, The 5 Hour Author, on Pressbooks at

How to Self-Publish: Get Our Illustrated Guides

ICYMI, we’ve got some guides that will help you get started in self-publishing. Here’s a roundup of these reference guides.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime with feedback, input or questions. We love to hear from you!