Help Translate Pressbooks into French, Spanish, and German Languages

Pressbooks needs translators! We are very close to being entirely accessible in French, Spanish, and German, and are looking for volunteer translators to finish these projects. You can help translate Pressbooks, or find out more about this project on Transifex.

Pressbooks is a simple open-source book production software that is used by small publishers, independent authors, universities, and open access advocates. Volunteer translators have enabled Pressbooks users to write and access webbooks in multiple languages.

These translations are especially useful for the creation of Open Textbooks that overcome language barriers to be accessible to students and faculty all over the world. Without the help of translators like those at Transifex, these resources would have a significantly limited reach.

We invite you to help us make educational resources and books built on Pressbooks easier to access by a global audience by translating Pressbooks. We are looking especially for French, Spanish, and German translators, although you can contribute translations in 41 project languages.