Deal: 35% off Book Files This Week!

Declare Your Independence

From Costly, Time-Consuming Book Production

At Pressbooks, we love our independent authors and publishers. You are our reason for existence–to make it possible for authors to publish affordably and independently.

That’s why for a limited time, we’re offering you a special chance to save on book upgrades. This week only, you can get print, EPUB and MOBI files for only $64. That’s 35% off our regular price of $99.

Upgrade today–the discount ends Sunday at midnight EST.

Why is this such a good deal? 

  • Graphic design and ebook development can cost up to $2,500. (According to Bibliocrunch). With Pressbooks, you don’t need either. Simply import your manuscript into Pressbooks, and apply one of our 50 gorgeous themes. You’ll get a book that looks as though a professional designed it, and a book that works on all ereader devices– without breaking the budget.
  • Pressbooks also saves you from paying designers again for revisions when you want to revise or reissue your book. Our fee is one time and per book. You can revise and re-export your book files indefinitely. And the only person you’ll wait on is you!
  • Companies with low up-front costs sometimes take a cut of your royalties down the road. We don’t. Create book files on Pressbooks, and be free of long-term agreements that could eat into profits.

For $64, this self-service package includes:  

  • MOBI book files (to publish on Amazon)
  • EPUB ebook files (to publish in other ebookstores)
  • PDF interior files (for print-on-demand at CreateSpace, IngramSpark and Lightning Source)
  • 250 MB in storage space (for images)

You can apply the discount to as many books as you’d like–you pay only $64 per book.

To redeem this discount: 

  • Click Upgrade in your Pressbooks project dashboard.
  • Enter the discount code: INDIE15
  • See your discount, and make your payment!

Remember, you don’t have to be ready to publish, or even have started writing, to upgrade. You simply need a Pressbooks book project to upgrade.

Not sure what Pressbooks does or whether it’s right for you? Visit to learn more or email