Extended for Cybermonday: 50% Off Book Upgrades This Week!

This week only, we’re offering our biggest discount ever on book files. Upgrade your book(s) by Sunday, Nov. 29 Monday, Nov. 30 at midnight EST and save 50% off unlimited PDF+EBOOK Pro package upgrades.

That means you can get watermark-free EPUB, MOBI and PDF files of your book for only $49, which is HALF off the regular package price of $99.

Not ready to write your next book? That’s OK! All you need to do is create new book shells in Pressbooks to apply the savings to future books.

What is Pressbooks? 
Pressbooks is a DIY online platform that magically converts the text of your book into ebook and typeset-for-print formats that you can publish in most ebookstores and print-on-demand venues.

Why use Pressbooks? 
Pressbooks generates professional-quality book designs that meet complex standards without you having to pay hundreds to thousands for an ebook developer or graphic designer.

What does upgrading do? 
You can create your book at Pressbooks.com for free with promotional watermarks. Once you’re ready to publish, you’ll probably want to remove those. If you do it now, you’ll pay half the price you would later.

Are there recurring charges? 
No! Our straightforward, upfront pricing system only charges you a one-time, per book price, in this case just $49. We also don’t restrict where you can publish. We don’t eat into your rights or royalties later on. And if you have revisions, you can simply make them and re-export your file—as many times as you want, at no further cost.

What’s included?

  • MOBI files (for Kindle Direct Publishing)
  • EPUB ebook files (for all other ebookstores)
  • PDF interior files (for print-on-demand at CreateSpace and IngramSpark)
  • 250 MB storage (perfect for books with lots of images)

How do I redeem this discount?

  • Click Upgrade in your Pressbooks project dashboard.
  • Enter the discount code: GRATEFULHARVEST
  • Make your payment!

If you have other questions or need help upgrading, email support@pressbooks.com.


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