Better Math Equations, Import from Google Docs and more

We’ve made some updates to Pressbooks, and we think you’ll like them!

First, if the books you produce include math equations, you’ll be happy to hear that LaTeX equations will now render better in high resolution in print outputs. (More improvements to come on this front!)

And if you like to write in Google docs before transferring your content into Pressbooks for formatting, we’ve made that easier. Just export your files from Google Docs as DOCX and ODT, and they’ll work with the one-click importer. (Note: If you have footnotes, for easiest import, enclose them in this shortcode on the Gdocs side: [ footnote ][ /footnote ]*. More on footnotes in our User Guide.)

Want to mark all chapters for export on the Organize screen in one click? You can do that now! Click on any of the column headers on the Organize page (“Private”, “Show Title”, “Export”) and it will select or deselect all chapters/sections in that part.

Trashed something that you want back? Just navigate to Text → Trash and you can restore it.

You may also notice some changes to the Book Info page, where your metadata is stored. Expanded metadata is now hidden on the Book Information page unless you need it.

We’ve got many more improvements to come, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted here and at @pressbooks.

*In order to get this footnote code to show in this post (as opposed to creating a footnote), we have inserted spaces before and after the brackets. Remove these when you are coding.