Pressbooks working with Ryerson University on eCampusOntario grant: “Open Publishing Infrastructure”

We are very very excited to announce that we’re working with eCampusOntario and Ryerson University to improve Pressbooks as an Open Textbook authoring tool, under the just-announced eCampusOntario project: “Open Publishing Infrastructure for Ontario Post-Secondary Educators, Learners.” Most of the development work we undertake under this grant will be released as open source improvements to

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Dac is back!

Big news at Pressbooks headquarters: Dac is back! Dac Chartrand worked in the early days of Pressbooks (taking over from the also-awesome Janina Szkut), and did a huge job of re-architecting the system back in 2011, in particular moving Pressbooks from a LaTeX based PDF output system (ouch!) to an all-HTML+CSS system, including PDF. Yay,

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Pressbooks now exports EPUB3

Up until recently, Pressbooks EPUB exports were EPUB2.0.1, the latest version of the EPUB2 specification. We recently released EPUB3, which you can find in the “Exotic Exports” list on the export page. In theory, you should see no change in the exports, but under the hood EPUB3 is built differently, and provides support for audio, video, and, in

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New Feature: Global Theme / Language Support

We have always tried to support different languages for Pressbooks exports, and up until now we’ve had to implement pretty “hacky” solutions. The problem is that in order to support certain languages, especially in PDF export, we need to include fonts for that language. We had no real standard way to do this — so

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Open Textbooks, Free Audiobooks and Open Networks of Creation

This is the transcript of a presentation I did at the Open Textbook Summit in Vancouver, on May 29, 2015. How I got here: LibriVox In 2005, almost a decade ago, I started a project that transformed how I thought about books. That project, LibriVox, inspired by Wikipedia and the open source software movement, asked volunteers

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Why can’t we read anymore? (Post on Medium)

Hugh McGuire Asks: Why Can’t We Read Anymore? I wrote something last week that might be of interest to you, a piece about my efforts to wean myself from digital overload & start reading books again. It’s called: “Why can’t we read anymore? (Or, Or, can books save us from what digital does to our brains?)”

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Server Fixed?

Hi all, It’s been a not-great Friday, but I think we have the server issues under control. Still investigating root causes. In the mean time, if you see something weird, send us a note:

Server Troubles

Hi all, we had some server troubles this morning, and we’re working on fixing things. Everything is a bit odd at the moment, but we hope to have it resolved soon. If you have questions please email: