Discounted Print+Ebook File Upgrades in Pressbooks This Week

No-strings publishing, at a special price (this week only).

At Pressbooks, we believe that you have certain inalienable rights as an author and publisher, and it’s our duty to liberate you from whatever stands in the way of your publishing freedom!

If you use Pressbooks to publish:

  1. You’ll have the right to retain all of your royalties.
  2. You’ll have the right to self-publish without paying someone hundreds to thousands to design your book, when you could do that yourself using Pressbooks.
  3. You’ll have the right to a beautiful book, one that renders professionally across all ereaders and in print.
  4. You’ll have the right to instantaneous book design.
  5. You’ll have the right not to wait on anyone to produce your book, or to revise it.
  6. You’ll have the right to create…as many books as you want. And be in control of how you publish all of them. So let the inspiration flow!

If you want to exercise these rights and create your book on the Pressbooks platform, now couldn’t be a better time—we’re running a 35% off special on our print+ebook package for four short days, making PDF+EBOOK upgrades of books in Pressbooks only $65 through Sunday at midnight EST.

PDF+EBOOK packages come with MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (other ereaders) and PDF files (for print). Plus, you get 250 MB storage (great for images).

To redeem the discount:
1.  Click Upgrade in your Pressbooks project dashboard
2. Enter the discount code: BILLOFRIGHTS
3. See your discount, and make your payment!


Remember, you don’t have to be ready to publish to upgrade. You don’t even need any content in your book — you just need a Pressbooks project to Upgrade. Once you’ve paid for your Upgrade, you can export your book anytime, as many times as you need, forever.

Now go make a book, and exercise your write!

All the Best,


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