5 Nonfiction Books You Can Write Today

Inspiration can be elusive. You sit down to write but you can’t focus. The muse called in sick, but your inner critic’s hard at work.

It’s time to write something you can finish. In our experience, it’s much easier to write about facts than fiction. That’s where nonfiction books come in. Facts are stranger than fiction, but easier to work with too.

Here are five nonfiction books that are (relatively) easy to finish.

Educate Others

Chances are you’re an expert in something, whether it’s some aspect of business, health or even writing itself. Teach others how to do it! Use Pressbooks’ Parts feature to divide your book into broad areas or themes, then break down your craft step by step in the individual chapters. Pressbooks author Travis John’s latest book, The 5 Hour Author, is just one inspiring example.

Tell Your Story

Have you conquered adversity or done something extraordinary? Would your personal story inspire people? Whether you’ve conquered cancer or climbed Mount Everest, sharing how you did it can help others.

Tell Someone Else’s Story

Are you a fan of someone notable? Would you be interested in knowing more about their life story? Put your journalistic chops to work gathering exhaustive research and interviews that you can ultimately build a narrative around. Here’s how one Pressbooks author did it, with the story of a well-known boxer.

Make Your Blog a Book

Take the best of your existing blog posts and curate them into a book. This article tells you why. And this piece, by well-known authorpreneur Nina Amir, shows you how.

Write the Authoritative Guide

Do you know the best places to dine or golf in your city? Are you an expert on where to bring your dog in public or go for a hike? Roundups like this make useful guides. And if you’re using Pressbooks.com to produce your book, you can update and republish it anytime, so think about how you can reissue your book as a new edition every year.