Author: Hugh McGuire

Testing Pressbooks’ Kindle Output on iPhones and iPads (MOBI7, KF8, AZK, gahhh)

If you test your Pressbooks output of Kindle files on your iPad/iPhone, it will look not look very nice. But the files that people actually buy from Kindle on iOS devices will look fine. Here is why: Pressbooks uses Amazon’s Kindlegen software to create the MOBI export (which converts from the EPUB file generated by

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Server Fixed?

Hi all, It’s been a not-great Friday, but I think we have the server issues under control. Still investigating root causes. In the mean time, if you see something weird, send us a note:

Server Troubles

Hi all, we had some server troubles this morning, and we’re working on fixing things. Everything is a bit odd at the moment, but we hope to have it resolved soon. If you have questions please email:

Formatting Poetry and Paragraphs for Your Book

We’ve just posted a new chapter to our Guide that describes how paragraph indenting and non-indenting works in Pressbooks, and gives some recommendations about how to handle poetry in the system. You can find the new info here: Pressbooks Guide:¬†Paragraphs, Indents, No-indents, and Poetry.      

Pressbooks May Newsletter

We’ve got a short/sweet Pressbooks newsletter this month! 1. THIS WEEK: 30% DISCOUNT OFF PDF EXPORTS Is our PDF export too dear? Well, now’s the time to save some money: Upgrade your book now and get watermark-free exports of your book in all formats (ebook, PDF and others) for only $69 (30% off). Once you

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New Themes: Asimov & Asimov Color

We just added a new book design theme couple: Asimov and Asimov Color. This theme is built for Scifi of course, but can probably suit a whole bunch of styles from sciencey nonfiction to literary fiction. What would you use it for? It’s named for Isaac Asimov, of course. For the color version of the

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New Theme: Kambar (Tamil)

We have a good number of Tamil users in Pressbooks, and in support of their work we have just released a theme with support for Tamil script, called Kambar (after the medieval Tamil poet). It’s experimental, and out testing abilities are limited, but … let us know what you think. See: Kambar Theme. Like PressBooks

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New Theme: Murakami

We’ve got a new theme for literary and scifi, Murakami, after the Japanese master of literary bizarro creepiness and metaphysical confusion, Haruki Murakmai. Screenshot: And you can test it out on your books at

Create interior PDFs for Print on Demand

Australian self-publishing guru Emily Craven, of E-Book Revolution, has made a wonderful video that explains how she used Pressbooks to produce the PDFs she needed to get her book into a Print-on-Demand service, meaning that her books are not just available as ebooks, but as paper books too. Here is a video she produced, walking

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Chapter Types, Numberless Chapters, and Invisible Parts

We’ve got a new feature set for some particular usecases — when you want all your chapters numbered, except a couple of them; or, when you want your book to be separated into parts, except for some chapters that don’t belong to a part. You can find more details over at the Guide to Pressbooks:¬†Chapter

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