AMA (about OER) with Rebus’ Apurva Ashok & Pressbooks’ Amy Song

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It’s that time of year again! Open Ed Week! This is an excellent time to come together, collaborate, and swap expertise. For that reason, Rebus and Pressbooks are getting in the same Zoom room to share our complimentary expertise in an Ask Me Anything (about OER).

There’s a lot that goes into creating OER, and so much of the work is taken on by people who have never done it before. Fear not! These are not untrodden paths. As demonstrated by Open Ed Week, there is a lively, thriving community of open education practitioners supporting each other and sharing expertise. This Ask Me Anything is your opportunity to ask the experts. Amy Song, Customer Success Manager from Pressbooks, will be available to answer questions pertaining to the use of Pressbooks’ Authoring & Editing Platform, and Apurva Ashok, Project Lead at Rebus Community, will also be available to answer questions about the open publishing process. Questions could be anything from “How do I conduct peer review for an open textbook?” to “How do I format math notation in an accessible way?” This conversation will highlight how working through the nuts-and-bolts of OER production can set you up for sustainable success with multiple projects and your program in the long-term. Come prepared with your questions or join to listen and learn. The event will be informal, friendly, and welcoming to all levels of experience.

Date: March 4th, 2021

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