WiLS Offers Members Discount on PressbooksEDU Silver Plans

Any institutional member of WiLS cooperative purchasing service is now eligible for a 30% discount on PressbooksEDU Silver networks. 

We’re happy to partner with non-profit library organization WiLS to offer this great deal to its members. 

Here’s what PressbooksEDU can bring to your institution’s open educational resource production program: 

  • Easy-to-use software on which to produce your institution’s open resources 
  • A way to distribute open textbooks to students and learners and showcase your institution’s open resource library
  • The tools to create a variety of book formats that learners can access in their preferred modalities, including mobile and offline access and interoperable formats
  • Access to features like H5P (for quizzes), MathJax, QuickLaTeX, TablePress, and others that enable instructors and instructional designers to build interactivity into each book
  • The cloning tool, that lets you clone and adapt any public, openly licensed book on any Pressbooks network instantly onto your own network 
  • Ability to view usage data on your network through integration with Google Analytics 
  • Premium technical support for your designated support contacts and extensive ongoing training for both support contacts and users across your institution
  • Much, much more

For more information about what’s available with a PressbooksEDU Silver plan, go to https://pressbooks.com/educational-institutions/.

We hope to contribute to WiLS’ mission to expand possibilities through collaboration by offering a platform that encourages collaborative sharing of resources. Pressbooks enables you to adopt existing openly licensed content from anywhere, adapt it for the needs of your institution, and redistribute it to the world. You can also use Pressbooks to create brand-new content that can likewise be shared and adopted in classrooms around the world. With each new institutional network that builds, adapts, and shares content, students and teachers benefit from the growth of collective knowledge produced by the open education community. 

You can read more about WiLS at https://www.wils.org

For more on Pressbooks, visit https://pressbooks.com/

Interested in Pressbooks? Contact us at sales@pressbooks.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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