OTN Members: Don’t Forget to Use Your PressbooksEDU Discount!

Institutional members of the Open Textbook Network (OTN) are eligible for 30% off the annual price for PressbooksEDU Silver and Gold plans.

If your institution is a member of the OTN*, you can save on the annual subscription price for a PressbooksEDU Silver or Gold network.

Together, Pressbooks and the OTN are working to help grow a thriving and sustainable open textbook community. When you take advantage of this awesome opportunity to invest in Pressbooks open book production software, your institution gains the power to create a lasting impact on the lives of students. Build your open educational resource program from the ground up with our help.  

This opportunity is driven by the Open Textbook Network’s mission to help higher education institutions advance their use of open textbooks and practices. All institutional members of OTN are entitled to the discount.

PressbooksEDU networks are brandable book production networks tailor-made to support your open textbook or university publishing initiative. These systems include the following features:

  • Educational plugins, including H5P for interactive content and quizzes
  • New! Thin Common Cartridge exports with web links (read more)
  • Coming soon! Network Analytics (stats about usage on your network)
  • Cloning tool (for easy remixing of public OER built on Pressbooks)
  • Priority support
  • Training for both faculty users and designated support contacts
  • Access to a private community of practice maintained by Pressbooks client support
  • Brandable OER production network and institutional catalog
  • Ability to showcase book downloads on the web book’s home page
  • Ability to integrate with Google Analytics
  • LMS integration (on Gold plans)
  • SSO integration (available on Gold plans for an additional charge)

Pressbooks offers several subscription tiers to meet the needs of diverse OER programs. For more information, see PressbooksEDU Plans.

We’re proud to partner with the OTN to offer this discount and hope you’ll take advantage of it!

If you’re interested in learning more about PressbooksEDU, contact us at sales@pressbooks.com.

*This discount is not available to consortia or institutions that are members of the OTN through a consortium.

Update as of Dec 1, 2019: The PressbooksEDU Gold plan has been discontinued. OTN institutional members are still eligible for 30% off PressbooksEDU Silver plans. Contact us at sales@pressbooks.com with questions or for details. 

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