10 Reasons to Upgrade Today

Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your Book at Pressbooks Today

1. Save Money on Book Production

You’ll generally save hundreds to thousands of dollars publishing when you use Pressbooks to format your book, but if you upgrade in the next few days you can save even more. Now through June 30, we’re offering PDF+EBOOK Pro packages (regularly $99) for only $59 and EBOOK Pro packages for only $12 using the code 10REASONS.

2. Support the Product Making Publishing Easier for You

Pressbooks is a leader in democratizing publishing for independent authors, making it possible for writers to format their books without the (costly) services of ebook developers and graphic designers. When you upgrade book files at Pressbooks, you cast your vote for publishing independence.

3. Revise Your Book Files Anytime, at No Further Charge

$59 might seem like a lot, until you realize it replaces $200-$2,500 in ebook development and graphic design services. Plus it eliminates the need to pay for these same services again when you need revisions.

4. Stay in Control, and Wait for No One

You won’t just save money on revisions by using Pressbooks–you’ll also save the time of waiting for them. You can revise your book anytime at Pressbooks, all by yourself, and have your revised book back in bookstores almost instantly.

5. Remove the Watermarks in Your Book

You can use Pressbooks for free indefinitely, with watermarks in the exported book files. But before you publish professionally, you’ll want to remove these.

6. Support Us Supporting You

We provide free support to all our users, whether or not you’re on a paid plan. When you upgrade, you help us do this better.

7. Upgrading Helps Us Make the Product Better

While Pressbooks is free to use, it’s not free to build, maintain or improve. Currently we have some improvements on the horizon and your support of the product helps make those happen.

8. Publish Sooner

You don’t have to be ready to publish in order to upgrade, but you’ll be one step closer to publishing once you do!

9. Get All Your Book Files From a Single Source

In the old days, you would have needed separate processes and professionals in order to get ebook- and print-on-demand-ready versions of your book files. With Pressbooks, you get both in one place.

10. Benefit From Straightforward, Honest Pricing

At Pressbooks, we don’t charge you any recurring fees to use our platform. Upgrading is a one-time, per-book charge for your ebook files and/or print-on-demand files. Once you pay for an upgrade, you won’t be charged again for those files and there are no limits on how many times you can revise and re-export those files.

Want to upgrade? Here’s how!

  • Log in to your Pressbooks account and the book you’d like to upgrade.
  • Click Upgrade in your Pressbooks project dashboard.
  • Decide whether to upgrade / remove watermarks from your ebook files or both ebook and print-on-demand files.
  • Enter the discount code: 10REASONS
  • Click Verify to see your discount, and make your payment!

Upgrade prices are in U.S. dollars. You must use the discount code before Thursday, June 30, at midnight EST, in order to get this special pricing. Have questions about our system or upgrading? Email support@pressbooks.com.

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