5 Self Publishing Websites Full of Expert Advice on Writing, How to Self Publish and Ebook Marketing

Writing a book is hard enough. Add in ebook publishing and ebook marketing, and the indie author’s path holds plenty of challenges. That’s why it’s critical to get advice from the experts who are already successfully self publishing.

Here, we round up some of the best self publishing websites from indie authors who’ve made it to where you’re going–self-publishing victory!

Self-Pub Boot Camp.com from Carla King

Carla King is a reigning expert on self-publishing. Her site Self-Pub Boot Camp offers hours of educational resources including videos, books, courses and a community you can join. She’ll even give you recommendations to the companies she trusts (which include Pressbooks.com!) if you sign up for her weekly newsletter. This Thursday at 1 p.m. EDT, King will host a DigitalEd webinar with PBS Mediashift, on self publishing platforms, distributors and other author resources.

The Creative Penn from Joanna Penn

Bestselling thriller author Joanna Penn might be NaNoWriMo’s biggest success story. Since writing her second book during NaNo 2009, the former corporate IT consultant has published more than a dozen books–including a few designed to help authors like you. On The Creative Penn website, you can buy books like “How to Market a Book” and “Business for Authors,” or, check out her regular podcast. Episodes are posted each Monday and cover how to publish an ebook, ebook marketing and creative entrepreneurship.

E-Book Revolution from Em Craven 

Em Craven is an author just like you. And among her books is E-Book Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to E-Book Success, which explains the ebook revolution and ecosystem, and why and how authors can embrace it. Also on her website, you’ll find helpful tips on writing, publishing and ebook marketing, plus courses and a podcast for indie writers.

Write Non-Fiction Now from Nina Amir 

Information on how to self publish and how to market an ebook is great, but sometimes you need to get back to the basics of how to write a good book. Nina Amir’s blog, Write Non-Fiction Now, is a perfect resource, from the prolific author of “The Author Training Manual” and “How to Blog a Book.” The blog includes writing prompts, advice for goal setting, and a roadmap for writing a book that will be marketable and useful to your audience.

Jane Friedman.com

Jane Friedman is an expert on helping authors publish and build their brand in the digital age. At janefriedman.com, you’ll find digitally focused courses for authors such as How to Create Your Author Website, June 25, at 1 p.m. ET, self-study curriculum materials and samples of her book, “Publishing 101: A First-Time Author’s Guide.”

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