Pressbooks Releases New Offering for Academic and Library Publishing, Open Education Resources founder Hugh McGuire today announced a new platform, Pressbooks EDU, to enable publishing, including open textbooks, in academic institutions, at the Open Textbook Summit.

Pressbooks EDU can turn any faculty, department or library into a mini-publisher, giving them the ability to create books that are accessible on all platforms: in print, and on all smartphones, tablets, Kindles and computers.

In the case of open education resources (OER), Pressbooks books can be made fully available on the Web, enabling the creation of Web-connected networks of open textbooks.

In addition to supporting open textbooks projects, Pressbooks is already working in academia, by powering the publication of scholarly monographs, course texts, dissertations and other documents. Pressbooks clients include The University of Minnesota Press, Tufts University School of Medicine, Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan Library, Harvard Business Review Press and Fortress Press.

“We believe that ideas developed in academia should be given the best chance to spread. Publishing books should be easy for faculty and students. They should have access to easy tools for publishing books,” said Pressbooks founder Hugh McGuire. “This is especially true for open textbooks, which can save students and society billions of dollars.”

The Pressbooks platform is used by BCcampus, the agency tasked with implementing the British Columbia open textbook mandate. To date, dozens of open textbooks have been developed on Pressbooks by BCcampus.

“We researched multiple platforms for our open textbook authoring program, and Pressbooks was the best, for many reasons: it’s open source, well-designed and it’s easy to use. And Hugh and the Pressbooks team have been fantastic partners to work with,” said Clint Lalonde, manager of Open Education for BCcampus.

Hugh McGuire is the founder of the Pressbooks platform, an open source content management system and book formatter that outputs designed books in all major publishing formats: PDF (for print and digital distribution), EPUB and MOBI ebook formats, as well as a fully native Web version of each book.

Prior to creating Pressbooks, McGuire created Librivox, the world’s largest library of free, public domain audiobooks. He’s also the co-editor of “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto — Essays From the Bleeding Edge of Publishing.”

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