We’re Making Pressbooks Better!

We’re Making Improvements

Pressbooks has a new website, knowledge base and more.

This month, we continue to make the best platform for making professional-looking books even better. 

New Website and Knowledge Base 

Celebrate with us–it’s finally here: a more modern, easier-to-use website that we hope will make clearer what Pressbooks does, and how to use it. You’ll also notice some minor changes inside the interface, like a support popup that makes it easier to contact support if you get stuck, and to get to our brand-new Knowledge Base, which contains just the most commonly asked questions and their answers. (Don’t worry–you can still browse our YouTube tutorials and user guide for instructions on more advanced features.)

Educational Publishers, Let’s Talk!

Are you using (or considering using) Pressbooks at an academic institution (college, university, library or school)? If so, we’d like to talk to you. Could you contact support@pressbooks.com with the subject: “academic”? 

Our Guide to Self-Publishing, Now Available in Print!

At Pressbooks, we believe there’s nothing like the feel of a real, printed book. So we’ve made our recently released guide to self-publishing available in print too. If you’d like a printed version, you can buy the book here

How Book Designers Use Pressbooks

Book designer Sue Trowbridge, founder of author services company Interbridge, uses Pressbooks to produce beautiful books for a variety of clients. Find out why and how she uses it and get her advice for self-publishing authors in our recent interview

Pressbooks for Non-Bookish Content

While we originally designed Pressbooks to simplify book creation, it turns out to be a helpful tool for organizations publishing other types of content too. Case in point, the resource materials non-governmental organization PATH published to distribute as part of a global educational initiative. Learn how PATH used Pressbooks.

Wanted: Guest Bloggers 

We’re currently looking for a few guest columnists to add to our blog. If you’re interested in contributing writing tips, book marketing or self-publishing advice to the Pressbooks blog from time to time, email liz@pressbooks.com. Include a link to your website and social networks, and indicate the topics you would be interested in writing about. 

Free Webinar on Book Marketing 

We’re holding a webinar on book marketing in conjunction with Booklaunch.io, a platform that lets you build professional landing pages quickly and easily for your book, and also capture leads from your potential audience. If interested, you should register here even if you can’t attend the live event (which is Thursday, April 16, at 12 p.m. PST), so you can watch the recorded session later.  

As always, we care about your success as an author and your experience using Pressbooks. Let us know if there’s any way we can serve you better–email us at support@pressbooks.com.

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