4 Helpful Resources for Self-Publishing Writers

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite websites and resources for indie authors planning to self-publish a book.

1. Inspiration for Authors

Sure, you should be writing, but if you’re going to procrastinate, you might as well do it productively. These TED talks on writing are just the thing to kickstart your creativity…and get you back at your computer with renewed motivation.

2. Help With Book Publishing

Are you new to self-publishing? The VIP author plan at Bibliocrunch helps newbie authors navigate the entire process of book publishing. Call or email them and they’ll answer your publishing questions within 24 hours. You’ll also get access to helpful resources; discounts on ISBNs, conferences and more–plus the ability to participate in author promotions. Not to mention connecting with publishing professionals who can help you edit and market your book and more.

3. Affordable Book Cover Design

People will judge your book by its cover. But you’re a writer, not a graphic designer (or a millionaire for that matter). What’s an author to do? We suggest going to OctagonLab, whose $147 Pro packages include revisions, source files (so you can update the text without paying a cover designer again), stock images and a satisfaction guarantee.

4. Free Self-Publishing Advice

OK, we’re probably biased, but we just can’t stop telling writers about our brand-new Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing. We think the book (which we self-published) does a pretty good job of explaining how to make a book and how to self-publish that book, from start to finish.

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One thought on “4 Helpful Resources for Self-Publishing Writers

  1. What’s great about the self-publishing community is that many authors are willing to share their experiences. There is a wealth of great resources that can be found for free.

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