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3 Writing Tips that will Motivate You

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Writing a book is hard work. We rounded up some quick tips and inspiration from some of our favorite indie authors.

On organizing your writing

From Michele Kimbrough, romance author of novels Dangerously in Love, Prudence and Wildflower More tips here

I don’t have a problem deleting entire chapters (sometimes two or three at a time) if they don’t work for me…I often rearrange the chapters. I tend to write chronologically, then later rearrange the chapters for impact.

On the role of a writer

From Deren Hansen publisher of the Dunlith Hill series of writers guides.

Through writing, our species has created a great conversation across time and space. Your job as a writer is to add to that conversation because no one else has your unique combination of genes, experiences, and outlooks. You can use your opportunity to try for fame and fortune or you can make something meaningful that offers us a glimpse of your soul. Making something significant, like a novel, is grinding work and there is, ultimately, only one motive that it can’t wear away: the first Law of Making is that meaningful creation is an act of love.

On advice for indie authors

From Nancy Warren, bestselling author of more than 50 novels.

Be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life. Seriously. Even after 15 years as a published author, I was shocked at how much work it is to self-publish because you are in charge of everything from writing the book to the cover to promotion. My advice is to write the best book you can, present it professionally and then sit down and do it all again. Most of us aren’t successful overnight. It’s a slow build. It’s also the most fun I’ve ever had.

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