Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing, in Our New Book (plus some other resources!)

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Simplify your publishing process, amplify your success as an author and get inspired by other publishers using Pressbooks.

  1. New! 3 Free Books on Self-Publishing
  2. Newsweek Europe Uses Pressbooks for Digital Singles
  3. Pressbooks Featured on The Write Stuff
  4. Indies Unlimited Explains Pressbooks
  5. Writers Guides, Made With Pressbooks
  6. New Tutorial Videos
  7. How-to: More User Guide Chapters
  8. Get Reviews for Your Book

1. 3 New Books on Self-Publishing

Lots of people are trying to streamline your self-publishing process (including us!) We’ve just released our very own Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing, which will explain how to get your book into print and ebook stores (using Pressbooks) for under $100. You can get the free download at Also this month, Self-Publishing guru Carla King released the third edition of her popular book Self-Publishing Boot Camp. It’s free from BookBaby for a limited time only at And, if you’re suffering from post-NaNo “now what?” syndrome, you’ll love Bibliocrunch’s Self-Publishing Guide for NaNoWriMo Writers. Sign up on Bibliocrunch (chock full of resources in itself) to access the free book download.

2. Newsweek Europe Uses Pressbooks for “Digital Shorts”

Newsweek Europe is using Pressbooks to produce a series of short ebooks containing long-form journalism on special topics. It’s a groundbreaking use of Pressbooks in the news context. The Insights digital shorts program has produced a dozen books so far, with the aim of one a week. You can find out more in this piece by Futurebook and browse and buy the books here.

3. Pressbooks Featured on The Write Stuff

Last month, suspense / thriller writer Ashley Fontainne gave Pressbooks some love on her Blog Talk Radio show The Write Stuff. Check out her interview with Pressbooks Marketing Manager Elizabeth Mays on how Pressbooks can make your life easier as an indie author.

4. Indies Unlimited Points to Pressbooks

If you’re new to Pressbooks and wondering how to get started, or just wondering how Pressbooks makes book publishing easier for you, check out this piece by Carolyn Steele in Indies Unlimited.

5. Pressbooks for Artisan Publishing

Deren Hansen has used Pressbooks to create a series of writers guides published by Dunlith Hill as well as an upcoming steampunk adventure for the young adult market. Learn about what he calls “the laws of making” for writers and how he used Pressbooks for his artisan publishing endeavors.

6. More Videos: Restore, Rearrange and Render Perfectly

We’ve released three more videos, on restoring a previous draft of a chapter, rearranging parts and chapters and three things you can do to make your books render even more beautifully across devices.

7. New Guides on Catalog, Chapter Openings and Mobi Files

Three new User Guide chapters: Control which side your chapters begin on in print. Learn how to use the Pressbooks catalog. Plus, we demystify the nuances of Mobi file testing.

8. Featured Partner: Self-Publishing Review

Need your book reviewed before publishing? Look no further than Self-Publishing Review, which can help you quickly and affordably get the reviews you need before you launch. SPR also provides optimization and editorial services. Use code HEART15 to get 15% off everything for romance writers until Valentine’s Day.

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