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Got big plans to publish in 2015? Us too. Here’s some help and inspiration.

1. Creative Penn Podcast with Hugh McGuire
2. Marc Andreessen’s Blog Archive Ebook
3. Indie Authors Using Pressbooks
4. Pressbooks Help: Hyperlinks
5. Pressbooks Help: Adding and Editing Images
6. Canlit For Readers: 49th Shelf
7. Hpub Export Retiring
8. Deal! 30% off PDF Exports

1. The Creative Penn Podcast with Hugh from Pressbooks

Pressbooker-in-chief Hugh McGuire was interviewed recently by prolific author and self-publishing expert Joanna Penn for her popular (and highly recommended) podcast The Creative Penn. Hear Joanna and Hugh do a book publishing year-in-review for 2014–from audiobooks to subscription models, improved discoverability and more–and how the changing landscape might impact authors.

2. Marc Andreessen’s Blog Archive Ebook (Produced Using Pressbooks)

This month, Pressbooks helped Andreessen Horowitz turn selected blog archives from Internet pioneer and “tweetstormer” Marc Andreessen into an ebook. You can download the FREE ebook here. It’s recommended reading for anyone involved in the Web or startups.

3. Indie Authors Using Pressbooks

As promised, some inspiration, in the form of two self-publishing writers using Pressbooks. Michele Kimbrough used Pressbooks for all her romance novels, including her upcoming February release, Dangerously in Love. She shared with us how she uses Pressbooks’ landing page to market her books.

Suspense / thriller writer Ashley Fontainne used Pressbooks for her upcoming release, Growl, which you can preorder here. She tells authors why and how she uses Pressbooks on her blog.

4. Adding Internal and External Hyperlinks

You asked; we answered. Our latest guide chapter on hyperlinks will explain how to add links to external webpages as well as links to other chapters within your book.

5. Pressbooks Help: New Tutorial

If you aren’t quite sure how to add images to your book, check out our latest tutorial video, an introduction to adding and editing images in Pressbooks.

6. Made in Canada for Books: 49th Shelf

This one’s for readers. If you’ve ever wanted to find books by Canadian authors, look no further than Canadian online book “store” 49th Shelf. In addition to great books, the site offers skillfully curated lists and recommendations to make discovering books you’ll love easier.

7. We’re Retiring Hpub Export

We have a number of export formats. One of them is HPUB, which is a variant on EPUB. Unfortunately, maintaining our HPUB export doubles the work we have to do every time we add a new feature to EPUB. Further, it is used almost never. So, we’ve decided to retire our support for HPUB: By this time next month, HPUB will be gone from the Export menu.

8. Deal! 30% off PDF Packages

With print-on-demand, it’s easy to make print copies of your book available to readers. And Pressbooks generates the right files instantly for you. You can save on watermark-free PDF files for print books through Sunday. Use the upgrade code RESOLUTION to get 30% off PDF+EBOOK PRO packages.

To redeem:

  • Send an email to;
  • include the link (Web address) to the book you would like to upgrade;
  • add the discount code (RESOLUTION) in the subject line.
  • This deal expires on Jan. 18 at midnight EST, so move quickly!

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