Simplify Your Self Publishing Process and Get Inspired Writing

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Help With Self Publishing 

Tips and resources to simplify your self publishing journey

Writing a book can be agonizing. Publishing one should be easy. These resources will help.

Self Publishing: 10 Things to Know & More

Self publishing is easy. As long as you know certain things going in. Check out 10 things you may not have known about self-publishing your book. And read about 5 critical choices that only you can make about how to self-publish.

5 Book Marketing Goals, and How to Approach Them 

How you market your book depends on your reasons for publishing. Are you looking for a path to traditional publishers, income from royalties, a creative outlet, brand-building for your company…or something else? Whatever your goals, we have some marketing ideas for you.

Tips on Writing and Creativity 

Has it been tough to tap into your creativity lately? Authors Catrine McGregor, Lilliana Rose and Michael Greer offer tips on how to get back on track and keep your creative output flowing.

How to Copy Your Book 

Some of you have asked how to make a copy of a book you’ve made in Pressbooks and create a new URL for it. We’ve created a User Guide chapter on how to duplicate your book in Pressbooks.

Let us know if there’s something you’re struggling with–we may be able to help!