New Theme: Galbraith

Named for John Kenneth Galbraith, this classic, conservative theme is suitable for serious nonfiction, academic nonfiction, and literary fiction.

Galbraith uses a one serif font, different in PDF and EPUB outputs:

  • Crimson [PDF] (by  Sebastian Kosch)
  • Baskerville [ebook]

Genres: Fiction, nonfiction, serious


Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche.

PDF | EPUB | MOBI | 3-file Zip
 NOTE: as with all PressBooks themes, there will be differences between presentation on various devices, and platforms due to different support for various styling elements.

You can see some screenshots below. Head on over to PressBooks if you’d like to make a book like this (or drop us a line with questions!).

PDF for Print or Print-on-Demand

Galbraith PDF
Galbraith PDF
Galbraith PDF
Galbraith PDF
Galbraith PDF
Galbraith PDF

EPUB for iBooks, Kobo, Nook

Galbraith EPUB iBooks
Galbraith EPUB iBooks


Galbraith - Kindle Paperwhite
Galbraith – Kindle Paperwhite
Galbraith - Kindle Fire
Galbraith – Kindle Fire

Like the looks of the Galbraith Theme? Head on over to PressBooks to make your book (PDF for print, EPUB and MOBI). Have questions or need help with PressBooks? Send us an email.

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