New Feature: Reordering Parts

You can easily reorder chapters in PressBooks (just drag and drop in the Text–> Organize view). But we’ve had a few requests to allow users to reorder the Parts they put into PressBooks, which up until now hasn’t been possible.

Our solution isn’t as elegant as the “reorder chapters” feature — no drag and drop — but it should still work.

To reorder your parts:

  1. Go to the Text–>Organize page
  2. Choose the Part you want to move, and “Edit”.
  3. Under “Attributes” enter a number: 1 will be make this the first part, 2 will make it the 2nd part, 4 will make it the 4th part. Etc.
  4. Save!

Now when you return to Text–>Organize, you’ll see the part organized as you specified.

See below for screencaps.

Edit your Part
Edit your Part


Select Part Order
Select Part Order

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