New Feature: Catalogs

We’ve just launched a new feature, PressBooks Catalog, which allows you to easily display a catalog of your PressBooks books on a single page.

Below is an image of a sample catalog, which you can find “live” over on PressBooks, at my catalog page:

PressBooks Catalog Page
PressBooks Catalog Page

This is a alpha/beta feature and we’re still improving it.

Here’s how it works:

1. Privacy Settings on Your Books

First, make sure any book you want to make available in your catalog have PUBLIC privacy settings (with all chapters you do not want available to the world online marked PRIVATE). For details, see: New Feature: Privacy Management for Books and Chapters.

2. Visit your Catalog Management Page

Next, to get to your catalog management page, see My Catalog in the top menu:

My Catalog: How-To
My Catalog: How-To

3. Catalog Profile

To add a note about yourself (as a writer, or publisher, or organization) on your public catalog page, click on Catalog Profile and fill in the information. Add:

  • Your About text
    This text should be your author bio, or publishing house information, or institution information. Use HTML if you want links etc.
  • Name your “Tags”
    These are the main categories that you can use to let your users sort your books. For instance, you could

    • Tag Name 1 = “Genre/Category”
    • Tag Name 2 = “Author”
  • Upload an image
    For instance:

    • your author photo
    • your publishing house logo
    • your institution logo

    See below:

    Catalog Profile Page
    Catalog Profile Page

    4. Edit Tags

    Tags are used to allow visitors to your catalog page to sort your books. PressBooks allows you to set two levels of tags.

    For instance you, you might make:

    • your first set of tags: “Genre/Category”
    • and your second set: “Author”

    Or you might set them as:

    • “Genre”
    • “Language”

    When you select Edit Tags on any given book, you enter whatever tags you like for that book.

    To Edit tags, hover over the tags on your Catalog Admin page, and click Edit Tags:

    Select Edit Tags
    Select Edit Tags

    And then add the tags you want on that book.

    Edit Tags Screen
    Edit Tags Screen

    Note: Tagging interface is a bit rough, we’ll be improving it in the coming weeks.

    Have questions? Ask away, on Twitter, Facebook, our User Forum, or email.

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