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So how long does it take for a publishing startup built on WordPress to get its own blog? A while, apparently. But we’ve got one now. Finally. So in addition to making it easy for authors and publishers to make ebooks, printbooks and webbooks … we’ve now made it easy for us to write our own blog posts.

We’ll post mostly information about PressBooks here – updates, new features, newly-found bugs & fixes, and news. We might have the odd bit of commentary on the exciting world of ebooks, digital books, libraries, dusty books, great books, words, sentences, paragrpahs, monographs, and other wordly things.

If you are wondering what PressBooks is:

PressBooks is a simple book publishing tool that makes it easy for authors and editorial teams to generate clean, well-formatted books in multiple outputs: .epub, print-ready PDF, InDesign-ready XML, and of course HTML. We’re in public beta, meaning PressBooks is good enough for professional book production, but we’re still improving things.

You can read one of the books produced on PressBooks for free, online: Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto (Part 1) (O’Reilly), edited by Brian O’Leary and me. Part 2 is coming out VERY soon.

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