PressBooks Open Source Plugin

PressBooks is a book Content Management System which exports in multiple formats: ebooks, webbooks, print-ready PDF*, and various XML flavours. PressBooks is built to be used with a fresh install of WordPress Multi-Site, and makes significant changes to:

  • admin interface (customized for books and structured documents)
  • web presentation layer (customized for books and structured documents); and
  • export routines.

PressBooks web/ebook and PDF* exports are all driven by HTML+CSS. XML outputs have no styling.

PressBooks is free software, released under the GPL v.2.0 license. Though we are always happy for donations.

*Note: we use the non-free software PrinceXML for PDF export.


If you are not sure about running and maintaining your own PressBooks install, why don’t you sign up to for free?




Contact us about maintenance and support contracts if you are installing PressBooks on your own servers, or if you would like PressBooks to run a dedicated instance for you on our servers. You can reach us at:


Code and development related questions, bug reports, and patches should be discussed and submitted on our PressBooks Developers Google Group. Emails can be directed to


While PressBooks is open source, we recommend you try before deciding whether or not you wish to host and maintain your own instance. We can also host and maintain an instance for you.

Installing the Plug-in

PressBooks is not for use on an existing blog. Instead it should be used with a fresh, mulit-site WordPress install.


PressBooks works with PHP 5.4.X and WordPress 3.5.1. Lower versions are not supported.


The PressBooks plugin is supplied “as is” and all use is at your own risk.

More Details

See readme.txt for installation details.